Modular Concept mobile modular houses are TÜV certified for Safety and Controlled Production


Modular Concept mobile houses are TÜV certified for safety and regular production surveillance.

TÜV certification of products confirms that the product complies with certain criteria and safety regulated aspects. The certificate indicates the basic principles according to which the product has been tested and the appropriate inspection marks constitute visible proof of quality.
Strength class D in accordance with the European Standard EN 1647 confirms the highest safety class in terms of load.
The test of MHouse One and MHouse One (Flat) modular houses, completed with a positive result, guarantees the strength of the snow-loaded roof equal to 3000 Pa and 306 kg/m2. The total roof load during the test was 11 tons. Measurements conducted during the study confirmed the stability of the steel substructure and the frame structure of the houses.
As part of the certification, independent TÜV Rheinland specialists, in addition to assessing the structural design of our modular house, assessed internal installations and technical solutions in terms of meeting the necessary requirements, as well as the level of technical and organizational production conditions in our factory ensuring repeatability and safety of all manufactured houses.
Certification by TÜV Rheinland Polska guarantees that the houses manufactured
by us are fully safe, meet European requirements, and their production processes are monitored and implemented at the highest technical and organizational level.


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